German Township History

The history of German Township is traced back to 1708.  Read, print, share, and enjoy!

Wagner School History

Rex Redifer 

Rea and Rex Redifer were twin boys that grew up in German Township and knew the Calverts.The flyer on the left was given to Ginger from our friend Jim Tobolski (Jim also grew up in German Township)  Apparently Rea Redifer had Cory Calvert pose for this picture that was then used on the flyer.  Rea Redifer was a well known filmmaker and artist. Rea lived in Kennett Square, PA for awhile and was a member of the Wyeth School of Artists.  Rea was born in 1933 and passed away in June of 2008.Twin brother Rex was a writer and lived in Franklin Indiana.  Rex was a writer for the Indianapolis Star from 1972 until 1996.  Rex passed away in July of 2004.  The short story below about Cory Calvert was written by Rex and published in the Indiana Rural news in November 1971.

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